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Job Advertise Online

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Job Advertise Online

·         Use our Job Advertise Online service viz. Classifieds and Hot Jobs to get your jobs advertised on a large platform and getting quick & efficient results.

·         Manage responses through our Response Panel.

·         Automatically update job posting.

·         Get bulk hiring facility.


Job Advertise Online

Quick, Efficient, Any Time


Today, we are living in an environment of hi-tech technology where job aspirants are using Internet for searching jobs. So, the employers are required to display their job vacancies on the net itself to get proper response. One can get different modes of posting their jobs but who does it where makes all the difference. offers you the best solution for this by providing you an array of services.


Our Services

1.) Classifieds 

2.) Hot Jobs



The modern world is in a continuous movement and people everywhere are looking for quick, safe means of accessing accurate information. Classifieds provides you a snappy way of advertising vacancies of your organization and getting prompt responses.

The employers get the right candidate for the position, precisely matching the profile, thereby, avoiding time wastage.


ü  500 Character Limit.

ü  Use Multiple Email ids to gather Responses.


Hot Jobs

Hot jobs banners increase number of job seekers to notice your company and advertisement by attractive logos.


Get immediate responses on your email or use our Response Panel

ü  1500 Character Limit.

ü  Use Multiple Email ids to gather Responses.


 Most efficient and cost-effective way to hire online.

ü  Fill the form and start getting quality applications in your inbox with in an hour.

ü  After you purchase Job Posting, you would receive you login details & password.

ü  Job Display will be live for 45 days.

ü  Use it Anytime for Quick And Efficient Response.


How to work –

ü  Fill the form as per the profiles required.

ü  You can select 12 locations per posting. (1 job consumed per 4 locations)

ü  Use Job Display - Refresh, Remove, Change and Post again at just a click.

ü  Use Response Panel to get accurate and quick results online.

ü  Refresh Job Display periodically by  auto scheduling.

ü  Post new jobs quickly by using previously saved jobs.

ü  Use the QUICK SAVE option to save the details entered so as to avoid wastage of time due to time logout or network problem.

ü  So, use our Job Display Services to avail the best of benefits viz.

·         Quick Fill - Use previously saved vacancies to quick fill new vacancies.

·         Quick Save- Use QUICK SAVE option to avoid wastage of time.

·         Quick Refresh - You can also refresh your job postings, which keeps it active for 45 more days from the date of refresh. Refreshing is valid only if you have availed more than one job subscription. In this one job gets deducted as per locations consumed, viz. 4 locations for one job.

  • Response Panel- This resume management panel helps you to check out several resumes at a glance, significance wise & date-wise, shortlist/put on-hold/reject resumes.



ü Job Display Solutions get your jobs noticed by more qualified candidates.

ü  Along with your Job Postings, you get all the tools you need to manage responses through our Response Panel.

ü  Job advertisement will be shown at our homepage as well as in job details section.

ü  Get huge responses through our Job Alerts service.

ü  Receive unlimited responses for your job ad.

ü  Each of your ads remains active for 45 days.

ü  Get bulk hiring facility.

ü   No hidden costs or fees.

 – The fastest Growing Database of Employers.

Get More Than What You Expect


10 Job Advertise

Rs. 2000.00 /-
Valid for
45 days

Plan Details
10 - Jobs

250 Job Advertise

Rs. 6000.00 /-
Valid for
180 days

Plan Details
250 - Jobs

500 Job Advertise

Rs. 11000.00 /-
Valid for
365 days

Plan Details
500 - Jobs

10 Hot Jobs

Rs. 5000.00 /-
Valid for
90 days

Plan Details
10 - Hot Jobs

50 Hot Jobs

Rs. 9000.00 /-
Valid for
180 days

Plan Details
50 - Hot Jobs